Our Art will save you STory

Art has always helped me, but in 2017 it saved me.

I was suffering from severe postpartum depression. No one could convince me the sadness would end or that anyone needed me around. I just had to get through Oscars (part of my job) and then I was DONE. Yah, 💀.

My husband made the dr appointment that snapped me into consciousness. I went on leave from work and headed north for a few days to my Aunt and Uncle's house by myself.

Together, we made a plan - make stuff until we figure it out. My Aunt and I started texting eachother when we were working on stuff and saying "art will save you." It helped immensely. 

She made me a t-shirt that read "art will save you." When I wore it people knowingly nodded, said HEY I really like that, stopped to talk, pointed to it and talked to their kids. It was really cool and felt really good.

We started adding #artwillsaveyou to our social media posts. People started telling us those posts inspired them to pick up their paint brushes, take a class, teach a class. Some said they started noticing art more out and about. That it made them feel good. This was like being handed a million bucks.

So, together, we built ART WILL SAVE YOU to spread the mantra and help others.  We hope you will say it, wear it, talk about it, and most importantly make stuff! The art is in the process. Enjoy the journey!

Thanks for listening! Now, go! Make stuff!

Much love,

Heather & Kim

What's Your Art Will save you Journey?

AWSY means something different to everyone, but the sameness in the difference is that art is yours, it's by you, for you, and about you.

Whether you have an Art Will Save You story to tell or are unsure what your story is yet, start saying Art Will save You. Through your interactions with others and your journey into art and acts of creativity, and you'll begin to learn more about what it means to you and to others. And, the sameness in those differences - and the inspiration we spread - will bring us all closer together.


The AWSY Mission


Spreading the Message

Say it. Wear it. # it. Talk about it. 

ART WILL SAVE YOU. Leave these words in people's minds so they are there when they need them most.


Art can be made by anyone, anytime, anywhere, with anything.

Our mission is to show that art "supplies" and creative spark can be found anytime, anywhere . It really doesn't take much! 


Community Outreach

In addition to lifting up communities by promoting acts of creativity, a percentage of our proceeds is donated to community art and mental health programs that put supplies and creative prompts in the hands of those who need them.